Social Responsibility and sustainability brought together in a business model that maximizes the interests of all the stakeholders bringing growth and prosperity through the use of resources collected in the past to build the present and above all, resources not borrowed from our children in the future.

Novaltti's Social Projects

Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility starts in the way we have engineered our business model and the services we provide. Our asset lifecycle extension model helps our customers extend the lifecycle of their assets to ensure they remain economically useful. Material that otherwise would be wasted is maintained or even improved, such as through repairing, upgrading, re-marketing or remanufacturing.

By extending the lifespan of the product for as long as possible, we and our customers can be part of a global sustainable strategy keeping materials out of the landfill and discover new sources of revenue, while improving the life of our communities and preserve the environment without using the resources meant for our children.

We are proud of having brought a circular portfolio of solutions engineered for a truly sustainable business.

Social projects

We do not only have the moral responsibility to support the needy and the less fortunate but we also want to. It is part of us as caring people. Therefore, Novaltti has created a series of important social initiatives and all our employees are, by heart and kindness, putting their efforts and time into charitable activities.

We see big potential in every moment of what we do and care deeply about who we help every day.

Apart from the obvious benefits of operating in the circular economy, this is a service that we provide to society. Since this profit comes from the services we provide to our customers, we are always keen to have them involved in these social activities by showing to the world that we all care.

Customers can also propose other social projects. At Novaltti, we are always ready to listen to new initiatives and we will be happy to collaborate in your social projects.

Environmental and social initiatives we are currently supporting

Alimentos Sostenibles

Urban gardens - food for charitable organizations

We have finished training in organic vegetable farming at the environmental education center of El Retiro in Madrid, And… What does organic food have to do with IT? A lot! as we collaborate with education projects that combine sustainable living with technology.


Captación de CO2

For a greener planet

We are planting native trees in deforested areas. The landscape is gradually changing and recovering its former splendor. Trees are sequestering Co2 from the atmosphere and we want to achieve zero Co2 emissions in IT value recovery. Our mission is to be part of the global sustainable strategy. Do you want to know more? Contact us and participate.

Educación para todos

Education for children

We give presentations on sustainability. Ask us and we will be happy to bring them to your center:


  • Circular Economy and Sustainability.
  • The most incredible plants of each continent.
  • (New) Storytelling in English for primary school children.