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The end of life for your equipment does not mean the end of value!

Recover the value of your EoL equipment





Maximize the value of IT assets you don’t need.

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the framework defined for disposing of obsolete equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. While most OEMs focus on the forward direction of their supply chain, there are vast opportunities to harness revenue with the right reverse logistics partner. We can help you to recover value from your obsolete equipment while contributing to a sustainable world. Maximize the value on your decommissioned IT assets.


What is your old hardware worth?

Offer your legacy, depreciated hardware to Novaltti Networks asset recovery program. Contact us and get a free valuation.

Complete IT Asset Disposition Solutions


Get the most detailed and accurate valuations of your assets.


Full technical de-installation, packing / crating services, and transportation.

Secure data erasure

Provide compliant and documented data sanitization and destruction services.

Value recovery

With our global network we offer you the maximum return on your IT equipment.


Our IT Asset Disposition Framework


Reach out to us

In our ITAD process, the first step is to work with you to create a full and comprehensive disposition plan. Whether you have a data center refresh, data centre consolidation, cloud migration, liquidation, or unwanted hardware stored in a warehouse, we’ll define and explain all the details for you. To start the process, call Novaltti today or email info@novaltti.com and we’ll take care of everything.
All we need, to start with, is a list of your IT equipment and when it will becomes available. It’s this simple!


IT asset value assessment

We valuate your IT assets based on the information we receive. We can also audit and fully document your IT assets for you. This defines a preliminary value assessment and what you are expected to receive for your unwanted equipment. There are many ways in which you can capitalize on your IT assets and we have flexible ways to help you achieve that by either working out consignment processes, upfront cash payments, discounts in new equipment acquisitions, donations or any combination of strategies. We always take your needs into consideration.


Decommissioning and Transportation

The third step is taking out the equipment from your facilities and data centres.
We have the resources and the know-how that can facilitate this tasks without any operational downtime. We can take care of every aspect of the decommissioning process with full technical de-installation, packing, and transportation to our warehouses. If required, any data erasure can be agreed to be performed before the equipment leaves your data centres.


Data security

Data security is a major concern for us. Assets that contain customer data undergo secure data wiping procedures. Quality control procedures verify that assets have passed data wipe and in case of failure, the device is sent to tear down for secure shredding and recycling.


Value recovery

Each take-back IT asset has a different life-cycle and Its value among other things, depends primarily on market supply & demand and its working state.
IT assets normally belong to three categories:

  • Current newer generations.
  • Previous generations.
  • Obsolete generations.

The equipment can also be working 100% or have the need of a part replacement. It is also aesthetically graded. It can look as good as new or show signs of usage, scratches or dents. We provide you with a comprehensive visual report after we analyse all your take-back IT assets.


Do you have a CSR program in place?

Partner with us as we can help you with making sure your IT assets have the right value for your social programs and communication strategies. We make sure that all your IT assets are in perfect condition before being used by those that need your help. We work all the logistics for you. And at the end, your contribution and CSR program will reach farther with our communication and social media channels.


You have now maximized you IT asset value

But our experience tells us that there is always something left over, which without sustainable management, would end up in a landfill.


Value is always present in every step of the process. From both a thoughtful socio-environmental sustainable mindset and the monetary value recovery in itself, we have partnered with certified recycling companies to provide you with all compliance reports testifying to our sustainable working practices.